Canadian Directional Drilling Division Uncovers New Opportunities with Expansion of Sales Team

It seems the winter drilling season in Western Canada just began and yet break up is right around the corner. During the first quarter of 2013 we were able to keep our men and equipment at a reasonably high level which seemed to be consistent with industry levels in general. With the expansion of our sales team we have been able to uncover new opportunities which we are confident, will transition into new business with new clients in the third and fourth quarters.

As of December we are now servicing both National and Yellow Arrow mud motors, making up the majority of our current fleet. The motor facility has been very busy as Enseco’s technicians continue to provide a superior product to our client, contributing to the company’s overall success.

On the MWD side, during the first quarter we had 10 Enseco Edge PP MWD kits in the field. With the recent sale of some of our MWD systems, we are able to refocus operations around the Enseco Edge PP and EM MWD platforms. We continue to improve the training of our personnel and procedures both in the field and office and are seeing a reduction in the number of incidents do to this. Cross training of our MWD personnel on all our platforms has been successful.

Our Technical Support Team in Calgary will be very busy in the upcoming months preparing project summaries for clients as well as planning a large volume of wells for projects that will restart after spring breakup. The quick turnaround time and the quality of work that they produce is greatly appreciated by all of our existing clients.

Wayne Bernier
Directional Drilling Sales Manager

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