Enseco Energy Services Observes Huge Increases with Online Traffic

2013 has already proven to be successful with marketing initiatives throughout Enseco Energy Services.

The newly designed website, with a fresh look and enriched content, was one of our larger marketing accomplishments. A critical upgrade considering that a website is the most persistent communication vehicle with customers and prospects.

The new site which is accessible, engaging and informative ensures that visitors leave with a better sense of who we are and what we offer. It is also equipped with website analytics that allow us to observe not only the number of visits each page receives but demographics, behaviour, technology, and traffic sources. In the past three months for example, over 3,000 visitors spent time exploring our pages; 70% of which found the site organically. The top three leading pages were About Enseco, Contact Us, and the Investors section, with 2,018 visits came specifically from mobile devices (58% from iPhones).

Our social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have also made significant progress in the last quarter as followers increased 67% on Facebook; 45% on Twitter and 59% on LinkedIn.

With one person joining LinkedIn every second throughout 2012, and 93% of marketers utilizing social media, Enseco will continue to put high emphasis on engagement in the social media realm. As the social media revolution states, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

The next quarter will also bring a number of exciting external initiatives, including the implementation of social media webinars, the planning of various spring events and the ongoing improvement of existing communication initiatives.

Sheryl Winczura
Marketing Manager

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