Enseco Provides Extended Health & Dental Benefits to Canadian Employees

After receiving feedback from our employees during our breakup meetings last spring Enseco Energy Services Canada has worked with SunLife benefits to provide an extended health and dental benefit program for all of our eligible Canadian employees.

Enseco will continue to offer the basic benefit plan, eligible employees will have the option to choose the Enhanced Health and Dental plan extended benefits, these extended benefits are paid 100% by the employee. Keep in mind that these costs are eligible for tax credit when you file your income taxes. The current monthly rates for the Enhanced plan are:

Single $26.83 Family $77.98

To help control plan costs, there are participation rules for the new Enhanced Health and Dental plan:
1) Permanent employees are eligible to opt into the enhanced plan after six months of continuous employment.
2) Once an employee has opted into the enhanced plan, he or she will be locked in for a period of two years
3) If you have a major life event such as marriage, divorce, or birth of a child, you will have the ability to change back to the Basic plan before the end of the 2 year lock in period.
4) The Enhanced plan is a package, and you may not select Enhanced Dental and Base Health or vice versa.
5) Rates will be reviewed by Sun Life every year. Rates can increase or decrease based on the claims experience of the plan. Employees in the Enhanced program will experience at least one rate change (depending on when the employee moves into the Enhanced plan) during the course of their lock-in period.

The Enhanced plan provides the following improvements over the Basic/Current Health and Dental plan:

1. Increased coinsurance for drug coverage from 80% to 100%
2. Increased paramedical practitioner maximum (massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, etc.) from $500 per person per practitioner per calendar year to $750 per person per practitioner per calendar year

1. Increased coinsurance for basic services (cleanings, fillings, scaling) from 80% to 100%
2. Increased combined calendar year maximum for major and basic services from $1,500 per calendar year to $2,500 per calendar year
3. Increased lifetime maximum on Orthodontics from $1,500 to $3,000. This benefit remains available to children under age 18.

John Gallichan, HR/Payroll Manager

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