Health, Safety & Environment


Enseco is committed to responsible health, safety and environment (HSE) practices in everything we do. At Enseco, we believe in the “Culture of Zero Harm.” Our operating activities can impact people, the environment, property and our assets; therefore we incorporate Total Loss Management Systems (TLM) throughout our business and operational processes. TLM serves as our overarching framework for the protection of the environment, health and safety performance, clear management expectations, and detailing employee responsibilities. In addition, TLM also serves as a mechanism for ongoing stewardship and continuous improvement through regularly scheduled audits and preventative maintenance.

Our belief and passion is that while there is risk inherent in our industry, our goals and focus will equate to “Zero Harm”. Enseco strives to be an organization where internal and external learning and leadership, nurture the engagement and creativity of our staff to affect change. We believe that building these concepts into our existing business processes, communications, key messages, budget cycles, training plans, event management, and safety committee mandates will be the most important factors to achieving the “Culture of Zero Harm”.


The following documentations support Enseco’s emphasis on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment:

  • 16 IRP Registry Member
  • PSAC Membership Certificate
  • Alberta Partnership in Injury Reduction
  • British Columbia Services Partnership
  • Saskatchewan Services Partnership

Enseco Energy Services is ISNEtworld compliant.


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